Will eLearning cause colleges & universities to close down?

eLearnining will not reduce learning opportunities; instead it will create more.

There are examples in recent history where new technology has actually caused massive growth in various fields. eLearning is following the same course.  

Consider the following examples:


Online newspapers might have impacted on the printing press function of news companies, but it has definitely not eliminated the number of news sources or even journalists. In this case technology made it possible to reach a wider audience in new ways. The entire demographic of people who accessed news has expanded greatly. Consequently, need and consumption of news has increased. In turn, so has the need for competitive, quality journalism.


With more people looking to their phone / tablet screens for entertainment, one might think that the days of television adverts are over. If that was the case, video producers and advertising companies would be at risk of losing their jobs. However, the introduction of new media for entertainment means that there is more advertising space. And with improvements in devices and bandwidth, the consumption of video has increased. This means more video ads, and more work for agencies.  What’s more – the effectiveness of advertising is greatly enhanced because advertisers are now able to track who is viewing their ads, at what time, for how long, and more. In this case, technology has expanded opportunity.


So, where does this leave the field of education? Will educators or colleges go out of business? The answer is “No.”

More and more people are able to access education, from anywhere, and at any time. This means that more there will be a greater need for education to respond to an increasing demand. The job security of those who are able to teach and compete with other colleges is as good as ever – but only for those who acknowledge new tech and embrace it.

Lumini asserts that online education is going to expand opportunity in the education business.

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