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In Bloem, customers find businesses on Google and social media (70% of the time on their phones).

When customers go online - do they find you?

Bloemfontein’s digital marketing experts help you reach more customers online.

Start getting more business through digital marketing.

get found on google

Google: so many ways to find you!

77% of people use Google search

We place you higher than your competition, on the front page of Google search through AdWords (pay-per-click or per 1000 views.)

Display ads

Get your ads all over the internet. e.g. news websites, blogs (wherever people go) using Google's display ads. We'll show these digital adverts to potential customers in Bloemfontein.

60% of people search from a mobile device

Be seen on people's mobile devices with mobile friendly ads, call, message, directions, action buttons.
In Bloemfontein, people call directly off the online ads.

Get on the map

Get on the map search, with quality pictures and business description.
Because...68% of people call or get directions directly from an ad and 50% visit a store within 1 day.


Get your branding on YouTube when people watch videos with text, images or video.
Or, take it to the next level: Our video production team can produce live web-casts or short ads.


With so many platforms and ad types, leave it to us to create latest and most attractive social media ads. More awareness, more leads, more business.


Get your message to people who work in your industry, have a specific qualification, or show interest in your industry.

Digitize, professionalise

and here's why...

Why digital? Have you been using the same methods for the last 5-10 years? Why professional?  You focus on what you do well, we focus on what we do well. We could make a great team! With accurate audience targeting and correctly worded ads, you will experience better results. Simply, everything simply looks and works better. As a digital marketing company in Bloemfontein, we can meet over coffee and launch your next online marketing campaign the same week.

Sell, get paid, online.

Start an online shop

If you desire more customers, this is the way. A safe and secure way to reach more customers and transact online. Provide a new convenient way for your customers to buy from you. Why wait for clients to drive to you (from wherever) - let them order and pay you now! If you are based in Bloemfontein, you might want to advertise online to a wider audience. This is a growing market.

the Wow page

Your ultimate call-to-action machine!

One page that says it all, and gets the response you want.

Showcase something special and get results!

Get more leads or enquries. Get people to take you up on an offer.

Landing page: Digital marketing by Lumini Online | Bloemfontein

Wow! A single purpose page. Clear call to action. Track hits and time spent per visit. After the client interacts, this page instantly sends a reply on your behalf.

Digital marketers in Bloemfontein can help you get more enquires, more customers, more leads and more sales through online advertising and other digital strategies.


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