Online education services

Do you want to provide e-learning and sell your courses online?

How can your business serve more clients, anywhere?

Here are some of the things Lumini can do for you.

Online Education Systems

Custom, branded, online learning management systems for colleges or businesses that train staff. Now anybody can provide education, anywhere!

eCommerce Solutions

Get a ready-to-go online shop. Start uploading your products and accepting payments. Aimed at small businesses, startups, and colleges selling online courses.

Facebook and Instagram

Advertise smarter. Target your audience, precisely, by interest, location, and prior web activity. Reach a new people and receive statistics about how they respond to you.

Let people find you

Let Google send more customers to you. Let people find you on maps, and in the ads that appear in Google search. Unlike traditional media, your ads only display to the that people you're trying to reach.

Its time to find new ways to compete

Every business has some potential that is not yet found! Lets find yours, and multiply its effect online. Lets start the conversation about where to next, for your business.

Do you want to chat?

Lets start a conversation about how we can help you grow your business and get more phone calls, enquiries and customers.

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Free access to all of our news, publications and discussion papers – with a focus on online learning in South Africa



Adding a partner to Facebook business manager - step 3 - assign partner

How to add a Partner to Facebook Business Manager account

        Add a partner to Facebook Business Manager When you manage more than one Facebook Page (or Ad Account), you probably use Facebook Business Manager. It’s the right tool for the job: it allows multiple people to work on concepts, ads and manage campaigns. But, in time, you’ll to want to focus […]

South Africa Digital education - trends influencing the outlook of the edu business

Watch: Should South African education providers be worried?

This short video considers digital, economic and consumer trends influencing digital strategy in education. The topic concerns traditional/face-to-face institutes dependent class attendance and student numbers. View here or find it on youtube

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