Custom branded learning platform

Deliver education and training online

If you want to deliver your education and training online, and sell your courses on the web, you will need a platform from which to do it. A platform provides two functions. Firstly, it is a virtual learning environment – where students may complete a whole course. Secondly, it is a learning management system. Read on for more…

(For information about how to convert courses to online, versions click here.)

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

A Virtual Learning Environment provides an online space where students learn. There they find their course, which is divided into lessons, each comprising various learning activities and assessments. A course guides them through the outcomes. They may interact with content, as well as colleagues and the education provider.

We prefer to install a Moodle based system. This is a system that has been tested by thousands of colleges, universities and training organisations worldwide.  It is maintained by a community of experts worldwide.  Also see this article about 7 ways you can improve the online learning experience.

We create a secure space for you, in the cloud. Then install a customized, client-branded / white-labeled / themed learning platform. Your students experience the platform as your company’s learning portal.

Then we give you the keys. This ensures that you have control over who accesses your content.  This keeps the clients in and the prying eyes out.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The LMS aspect involves the ability to run and manage a course.  Clients will be able to log in and see measures of student progress, results, dedication, time spent, and more.

You decide if you want learners to master one module before proceeding to the next. You may decide that your course only displays certain info at dates you set. You may set assessments, and closing dates for the course.

A full suite of learning management tools is at your disposal.  For custom reporting or integration with other systems, you may export data and process it as you need for external purposes.

What about the safety of intellectual property and learning content?

In traditional learning, anybody can photocopy a course manual. Our client’s have far more security than that.

Client’s enjoy full control over who has access to their content. Therefore, they know exactly who is logged in to the what course, and what content they are busy with.

A student cannot simply share the link or content with anybody else.  The learning platform is not simply another web site which an outsider may browse.

Once we put your training online, your courses can respond uniquely to different learners as they progress, making it it is virtually impossible, too time consuming, and not financially viable to pirate the the learning experience.

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