Convert courses to online, e-learning experiences

Converting traditional courses into rich online experiences

Based in South Africa, Lumini converts ordinary courses to rich, interactive online learning experiences.  We begin with a consultation where we find out more about your course and your target market. Then we take your training material and convert it for use online. We also produce video for your demonstrations. Videos are enhanced with an interactive layer. Our productions are designed to engage students by providing a richer experience that improves learning, and value. (For info on how to have your own custom branded learning platform, click here)

Mobile friendly

m-Learning (mobile-learning) is becoming more popular. Millenials do more and more with their mobile devices. By default, Lumini’s course productions are mobile responsive. This means, all of your courses will be optimised for mobile devices as well. Therefore, when you invest in e-learning, you automatically gain access to the growing m-learning market.

Face-to-face course conversion

The value of the human touch is phenomenal. Students do well if they receive quality instructions from a person that they trust. Students also do well with interpersonal interaction. However, students also do poorly when they feel anxious to ask a question, or when they lose concentration thereby missing something important.  When we convert your courses, we help you maintain the human touch, while also providing students with the opportunity to revisit your quality lecturing in order to revise anything they do not understand. (more info about improving conversions here)

Correspondence / distance education / self-study

This can be a lonely mode of education. It’s easy for a student to lose motivation. But, you can enrich your student’s learning experience by adding value through online learning. Lumini converts correspondence studies into better experiences for students, giving students better interaction with their content, fellow students and their education provider.

Reviving boring online courses

Have you ever looked at your course and wondered if you’ve really made a difference in the world by putting it online. Do you find yourself asking, “Where did the whole learning experience go?” (Probable answer here)

There are a lot of old-generation online courses. The old-gen courses are recognized by their boring old read-and-click-next design. They add little value over a text book or a pdf file. In fact they sometimes make learning more work.  Lumini will evaluate your content and find ways to invigourate your students with better, more engaging content.


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