Online education systems – a virtual learning environment

Create an engaging learning experience that excites people.

Designed for businesses that deliver education and training – whether private, public or businesses-based/in house.

A virtual learning environment enables education providers (private, public and corporate) to enhance the quality of the learning experience for students.  Its the future of learning, and more and more people need to make their way into this space. When facilitators and teachers use technology, you can expect all stakeholders to benefit, such as…


Management experiences better business efficiency, reduced delivery costs and consistency with respect to the standard of delivery

Facilitators and teachers

Facilitators and teachers receive a suite of excellent tools and techniques that engage learners.  A virtual learning environment provides the tools and space centralise activities, stay in touch with learners, and provide an enhanced experience.


Learners are students, professionals, with aspirations. A virtual learnign environment ensures that nobody is lost. Students learn better, take more responsibility and ultimately perform well.

Lumini Online