Elbi Bredenkamp

Environmental Facilitator

As environmental specialist, Elbi worked in the departments of economics development and tourism respectively. She is the Founder and CEO of Enviroworks Environmental Management Company since 2002 (www.enviroworks.co.za); Founder and CEO of EnviroCare (Non- Profit Organisation); Certified Carbon Verifier and Member of Carbon Protocol of South Africa, Certified ISO 14064 GHG Verifier; Certified Professional Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat. 400328/11) (SACNASP); Member of the International Association for Impact Assessors (IAIAsa) (Membership 3893); Alien Invasive Species Consultant (SAGIC Training AIS 1018).

Her consultancy is committed towards delivering a sustained, holistic approach through the provision of cutting-edge services. She believes in continued environmental renewal and development, engaging all stakeholders, including government and the community, affecting today for tomorrow’s legacy.

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